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Community advertisement [Mar. 28th, 2006|05:24 pm]


Hi all, I am a mod at edo_meiji, a newish community intended to be a nexus for fans of Japanese History from the Edo to Meiji eras (roughly 1603-1912, from the beginning of the rule of the Tokugawa, to the death of the Emperor Meiji).

The community is intended to be inclusive of both anime fans and history buffs, and people who are interested in the time periods in which many real and fictional characters resided.

So if anyone is interested in the historical/cultural aspects of various fandoms, or just these eras in general, come on over! We also allow posting of fanwork and iconage, as long as they're "on topic," or so to speak, so don't worry if you're not nerdy like some of us. :P

If posts like this aren't allowed, let me know and I'll delete it. :)

(Crossposted EVERYWHERE.)